Inga Thompson

Olympic Cyclist / Cattle Rancher

A three-time Olympic cyclist and four-time national champion, Inga now runs a horse-powered ranch and raises cattle ethically with her son in Oregon.


Christopher Comer

Neuroscientist / Dean of College of Arts & Sciences (University of Montana)

Hailing from the University of Chicago and Cornell, this neuroscientist, now Dean of the University of Montana's College of Letters Arts and Sciences, strives to reconcile the world of science with humanities--a goal for which he's recently been invited to speak at TedX.


Bruce Anderson

Hydrologist / Impressario

Labeled "the real most interesting man in the world" by his friends and tenants, Bruce, a selfless hydrologist, flies in world renowned jazz performers on his own dime, and hosts monthly jazz concerts for fellow Missoulians.


Matt Campbell

Designer / Artist

A Dubois, Wy. transplant from Indiana, Matt designs functional art furniture pieces, motorcycles, and tiny houses under his assumed persona: "Anomalovaho".


Anthony Cohen


After walking the underground railroad and shipping himself in a box via Amtrak to revisit the experience of slaves who escaped the South, this historian now runs the Menare foundation through which he provides hands-on living-history programs on a Maryland plantation.


Frank Sesno

Director School of Media and Public Affairs at GWU/ Creator

An Emmy award winning journalist and former CNN Washington Bureau Chief, Frank, the director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University, created, a user-driven web and tv project highlighting innovations in sustainability


And many more to come...